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The Part of You That Hides

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Welcome to the beginning of my blog.

I am a little behind the times.

I mean, I had a blog once before.

But it was for fun, somewhere to post pictures and tell stories.

But that was before #instagram!

That was before I really discovered that I had something to say. That I had something I REALLY wanted to share before the moment really passed.

So here is my introduction and what THIS blog will be all about.

Me and the little boys. Van, Brandt and baby Raph.

Hi! I am Justine. A wife, mama of 3, a teacher, and an artist.

See how that artist part comes last? It always seems to hide. I mean, I have painted, entered shows, even sold art-work and done commissions--- but it is the part of me that hides.

It hides because it sees a lot of interruptions, a lot of upheavals, it has not ever been the highest priority. To be honest, that is ok. I have a busy family, that I LOVE, of 4 boys (that includes my husband), O wait, 5...we have a big, skinny standard poodle who gets in the middle around here too.

When people ask me what I do...I am an online art teacher. And since my husband is an artist too, most people don't realize that I paint too.

But I do, and that is what this blog is about.


I want my children to know that and I want the sketches that I sketch late at night or early in the morning to turn into the pieces that stir my soul and in hope, will touch someone else.

I mean, don't you have a part that hides? A talent that you think, o well, when I have time, or when I feel motivated, when I am in a different part of my life...then it will be time?

But what if that time never hits you square in the face?

What if you had to make that time up from nothing...and then you wait too long?

Don't let that part hide anymore.

That is what this is all about. Telling your story because someone needs to hear it. And not caring a whole heck of a lot if it isn't perfect or polished.

Or if I am not exactly sure how it will turn out.

Just that it is here and not hiding anymore.

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